Saturday, August 18, 2012


By Abraham Verghese

Let me preface this critique by first stating that although this is not a "Christian Novel," it is by no means offensive to a Christian reader.  My sister-in-law, a physician, recommended this novel to me and I now recommend it to others.  It is a story of a boy born in Ethiopia to missionary parents during the mid 1950's and follows his life (and that of his twin brother) to modern day.  This boy becomes a surgeon and this story is graphically written as the author is also a physician.  The book is long (541 pages) and I could hardly put it down.  The hero of our story grows up in a missionary compound, goes to college in Ethiopia and eventually is forced to leave due to political reasons and travels to the United States where he finishes his education and becomes a surgeon in New York City.  There is more, so much more that I cannot write it all here.  Read this book and try and avoid staying up like I did reading all night.        Liz

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