Monday, September 26, 2011

from Laurie Jones

I have read the first Precinct 11 book and am waiting for the second one to be returned to the library.
I loved Sutters' Cross and cried throughout the ending and did the same with Tested by Fire by Kathy Herman. I jotted down a quote from that book which opened my eyes and changed my perspective about feelings of guilt. "Hanging on to guilt is like looking up at God's Son dying on the cross and telling Him that His death isn't good enough-that somehow my sin is bigger than God, and that even He can't help me."
Leif Enger's Peace Like a River is an excellent book that Angie Heath had loaned to Robert. I found it in his car and read it. She had shared it with several of her students.
I also have started the B. Collins' series with Brink of Death.
Many thanks to you, Kelly, Angie, and Nicola for initiating the book talk.
Love In Christ, Laurie

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