Saturday, September 3, 2011


Thanks, Nicola & Angie, Kelly, & all you Grace Church ladies that are so amazing in your faith walk!
Our first "book talk" was so much fun and very informative for me (thanks to Kelly's contributions!). As promised, we now have a venue for discussing more books in more detail through this blog. I'm working on getting our recommendations out from the meeting, but also looking forward to YOUR recommendations and comments as you read not only what we recommend to each other through this venue but your own discoveries.
This post and initial blog design is just a start, so let's learn and grow together through Reading By Grace.
Love you all! S

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  1. I was a bit discouraged at first when reading SHOWDOWN by Ted Dekker as I generally do not care for horror stories. When Slynn said to just keep going, I complied.  Glad I did.  Not your ordinary soft Horror show.  

    Some quotes:

    "Love can only be found in freedom of choice. And for choice to exist, there must be an alternative to choose. Something as compelling as love. Something that is evil, yes?"


     "Samuel faced him. "But nothing I tell you will make any sense unless you believe in the supernatural. You have to believe that God not only exists but that life is ultimately about an epic battle over the hearts of mankind. Good versus evil, not only as theological constructs or ideas, but as real forces at work wherever they are permitted to work."

    I am so blown away by the philosophical, theological arguments.  Thanks Slynn for a great read. Love, Liz